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Mieke van Rooij - Owner and Interior Stylist of Studio Menzèl
Interior styling done by Mieke van Rooij of Studio Menzèl

Studio Menzèl

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Studio Menzèl is a business that specializes in the selling of high-quality design furniture and providing interior styling services to customers. They have built a reputation for providing unique, stylish and affordable design pieces for home and office spaces. Studio Menzèl was in the process of expanding their business online and reached out to WhinWhin to create a website and develop a new branding strategy that would reflect their values and appeal to their target audience.

01 Problem

Studio Menzèl faced the challenge of expanding their business online, while still maintaining their reputation for high-quality and unique second-hand design furniture. They also wanted to showcase their interior styling services in a visually stunning way. To achieve these goals, Studio Menzèl reached out to WhinWhin to help create a new branding strategy and website that would accurately reflect their brand values and attract new customers.

Studio Menzèl website screenshot of the homepage

02 Approach

We approached the Studio Menzèl project by starting with a thorough discovery phase to understand the client's brand and goals. After identifying key elements, the team developed a design strategy that reflected the brand's personality and aesthetic.​

Studio Menzèl Business Card

03 Solution

From there, we worked closely with Studio Menzèl to create a user-friendly website that showcased their products and services. The team also developed a strong branding strategy, including a logo and social media plan, that helped Studio Menzèl establish a strong online presence.​

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